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General manager of analytics, data science and data virtualization at TIBCO. Former CEO of StreamBase. Medium author on analytics, parenting and cancer.
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“Bias doesn’t come from AI algorithms, it comes from humans,” explains Cassie Kozyrkov in her Towards Data Science article, What is Bias? So if we’re the source of AI bias and risk, how do we reduce it?

It’s not easy. Cognitive science research shows that humans are unable to identify…

Volkswagen invested five years and nearly $50 billion into their long-awaited answer to Tesla. ID.3, their flagship electric vehicle, rolled off the assembly line. It didn’t work.

The car was functional, but VW’s programmers hadn’t yet figured out how to update the car’s software remotely. Owners reported hundreds of bugs. It wasn’t the fault of the programmers; VW leadership hadn’t paid attention to culture.

Digital transformation is about mindset and technology — connected cars are more like mobile apps than cars.

The ID.3 story is a reminder that mindset, not technology, and not money, matters most.

When you do something new, mindset matters most.

Mark Palmer,

Newsflash: you don’t work at a hyper-innovative company like Netflix, Google, or Amazon. But if you’re an entrepreneur at heart, can you thrive in a company that resists change? How is innovation in an established company different than in a startup?

Gifford Pinchot tackled these questions in his ground-breaking book…

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The tech media is obsessed with data. But after eight years of measuring corporate data literacy, only 24% of companies report have reached data-driven nirvana. That’s fewer companies than last year.

Maybe being data-driven is the wrong goal.

Researchers Bart de Langhe and Stefano Puntoni think so. …

Data science is taking off and failing at the same time. NewVantage Partners reports that 92% of companies are accelerating their investment in data science, up 40% year over year. Yet just 12% have deployed AI at scale — that’s down from 15%. (1)

So firms are investing more in…

Wind power forecasting is essential for sustainable energy production. But forecasts are made to be broken. Once in production, wind turbines adjust their position like a sailboat adjust to gather all the wind it can. Energy innovators are going real-time to seize this opportunity. They employ systems that learn and…

Yesterday’s post, How AI Helps Find Electricity in the Wind, explored how data can help accelerate our national project for clean energy. Catalina Herrera, David Carr, and Geoffrey S. Lakings explained how data is essential for the greater good. But if you can’t visualize it, data is useless.

The Voronoi…

There’s electricity in the wind. Gale force announcements by President Biden and GM have jolted the wind energy industry into high gear. Over the next decade, analysts anticipate a 3,000% increase in wind energy production. AI, data scientists, and human creativity will play an essential role.

So it’s timely that…

It’s common for stories about AI to go down the slippery-Silicon-Valley-hype-slope with rocket boosters on. One author recently wrote:

“The productivity boosts from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the only prudent, intelligent and manageable route to maximize data’s value.”

This is like saying semicolons are the only…

How to democratize access to real-time data with Kafka for business users

Recently, this video about Kafka analytics drew a dramatic response ranging from accusations of spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about KSQL to great interest from business analysts that see a need for something more. …

Mark Palmer

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